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hello yes this is my art
click on view all to see everything at once instead of in filters :iconlazycryplz:




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Artist | Student | Varied

I'm Aalaa and I'm a giant nerd from Egypt. I'm eighteen and taking a gap year until I can go to uni for illustration uvu

I'm very experimental with my art, still trying to find a style that I like c':

I post most of my little sketches onto my tumblr but here's where my good stuff is.

feel free to ask me anything, I'm quite approachable <3

(profile picture drawn by :iconcharadexe: who is actually my love
she also thinks i'm a catastrophe



[LA] Courtney Ambrose

scraped by literally 5 minutes before the deadline
why am i the way i am



Name: Courtney Madison Ambrose
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 16th June
Height: 165cm / 5’5”
Gender: Female


Year: unos
Class: Witch
Dormitory: pending
Team: pending
Elective Subjects:
Psychology and sociology
Astronomy and astrology


Associated Animal: Deep-Sea Dragonfish
Spell: Telekinesis
Spell Justification: Like many deep-sea predators, dragonfish use their bioluminescence as a lure to attract prey and signal mates. This concept of “attract” is extended to telekinesis of objects. However as she's starting out, she only has limited range; she can also only move objects which she could physically carry, except from a range.


STR: 1
Very pampered, Courtney’s never had to take a punch, let alone learn to deal one.
END: 2
Courtney’s not very good at staying on task, and grows impatient quickly; she’s had no reason to be physically tough either.
DEX: 3
While she’s not particularly trained in any one area, she can think on her feet and problemsolve fairly well.
INT: 4
Courtney grasps new information fairly quickly and is observant enough to spot it in the first place. She’s also excellent with strategy and is fairly booksmart.
CHA: 5
Vivacious and charming, Courtney is a socialite who reads intentions very well. She herself is very witty and magnetic, drawing people towards her.

Likes / Dislikes:
:bulletgreen: her 8 doggos!
:bulletgreen: puzzle games
:bulletgreen: TV soap operas and sappy romance
:bulletgreen: various shades of flavoured lipgloss
:bulletgreen: socialising, partying, etc.
:bulletred: COMMITMENT
:bulletred: shallow, superficial topics
:bulletred: being alone, especially for a long time
:bulletred: lack of change; stability; no excitement or adventure
:bulletred: crocs with socks

Courtney is charming and witty; she’s very extroverted and loves people and learning about them, flitting from group to group. She’s also very observant and quickly grasps people’s traits and mannerisms, and can use that to her advantage. Curious about other people, she has a very adaptable nature and can appropriately adjust herself depending on the people.

However,she’s also fairly fickle and fussy; her fear of commitment means it’s difficult for her to grow properly attached to others. While she understands what people are, she doesn’t know how to actually connect with ease. It’s also because of her short attention span that means she finds it difficult to finish tasks, leaving her restless.  When things are sour, Courtney is hot-tempered and impatient, and can be vicious if she’s particularly upset because she can dig where it hurts, given her observant nature.

She was a wealthy, pampered only child, raised by a corrupt politician and his trophy wife. While she bonded to both parents and loved them dearly, their rocky, infidelious relationship left her feeling cynical and frustrated.
They could be frequently busy, and when they weren’t, she was more of an object to them than a daughter - gushed over, played with, but when it came to anything serious, they couldn’t fully connect to her and grew impatient, leaving her with a nanny. As a result, she developed two natures; acting out and throwing tantrums, or being a perfect little charmer as they wanted.
Regardless, she lived a comfortable life; she attended the best schools, had all the material wealth she could dream of, and developed friendships of various depths. From a young age, she understood there was a role she needed to fill and was clever enough to show that she could, giving her an adaptable nature.
But she couldn’t stay in that role forever. For the longest time, she felt something was missing, an emptiness where ambitions should have been. She wanted adventure; she wanted something different, to be on the move, and to actually use her abilities for more than just amusing guests by telekinetically lifting teacups or smoothing someone’s shirt. She may not have had physical prowess, but she knew she was smart; and so, she threw herself into Lantana instead. It was a place for her to find herself, and feel as though her abilities had an actual use fighting the umbra her father campaigned against.
It took a great deal of convincing, arguing, fussing, but eventually, her parents relented.
They thought she would see for herself how tough and difficult it would be for her, and to quickly give up.
This was the one thing she knew she wouldn’t let go of.


  • Her freckles hecking GLOW (she doesn’t actually like them tho. She’s been too conditioned to OOH, UNBLEMISHED COMPLEXION WOW)

  • She has EIGHT ENTIRE DOGGOS, they’re black and tan coonhounds that her dad uses for hunting game. It’s ok tho she loves them and paints their toenails

  • Is actually this meme at other people’s feelings…

  • freckles glow when she's doing her telekinesis! they're actually bioluminescent spots


Skype: lirrahh (double h)
Preferred Methods: Skype > dA notes > google docs (have never really tried it)
My timezone is +2GMT! that's 2 hours ahead of the UK 

not rapunzel
i drew sieglindes ' Calis as a late birthday gift ;v; I wanted the window seat pose bc of that wistfulness. poor coolis

I'm not personally too fond of the colour scheme - I didn't mean for it to be in pastels BUT
I really like how the hair came out though
I also liked the flat colour version tbh
Nebuleer  tagged me 
I got tagged in this before but never managed to complete it because i am Lazy n hate talking about myself :iconlazyroseplz:

time for vanity to win out n i'm gonna talk about two kids I need to use more
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters. 
4. Post their names along with their creator's avatar.

i'll tag who i can but ;-;

Courtney Ambrose

fab by lirrah9
  1. Veronica from Heathers voice she is  loaaaaaaaaadeeeeed. her parents are pretty much Melania and Donald Trump (rich corrupt politician dude and pretty trophy wife) 
  2. she has EIGHT DOGGOS. They're actually coonhounds that her dad uses to hunt adn she loves them each individually. she also paints their toenails
  3. she was originally a villain... good god how cliche. we don't speak about those days because that was 2012 and that was NOT a good time
  4. the freckles were a recent addition! I think they're pretty fitting with the whole sparkly pretty aesthetic really tbh, along with her curly eyelashes. They're on her cheeks, shoulders, chest, back, and thighs - but she doesn't like them because she's used to the whole unblemished skin!!! wow!!! aesthetic. it's okay tho i get to draw her with big pretty sunhats and parasols though 
  5. she has a good heart, honestly, but she's very scattered and finicky - very busy occupied social life, only she can't fully connect to people easily or be tied down.
  6. It's pretty obvious by now but I associate her with very typically feminine pretty things - roses, gemstones, glitter, lace, etc. speaking of, she has an aesthetic tag
  7. She's very socially elegant and witty, is great at reading people...
  8. but can have a nasty temper if pushed that far. she's a schemer. she doesn't forget things.

Iris Ulyji

not a troye sivan album cover by lirrah9
  1. INCIDENTALLY IRIS WAS ALSO A VILLAIN, EXCEPT EVEN BEFORE COURTNEY'S TIME. it seems 2009-2012 me had a thing against pretty blonde women???? ok self. she was some seductress type lady who manipulated another one of my ocs :iconlevidoingthethingplz:
  2. speaking of, she used to be a stereotypically pretty, white, blonde woman with blue eyes. I seriously can't remember when the "make her asian" thing hit - maybe 2-3 years ago? - and she got a much more distinctive appearance. she's still a little prettier than I'd have liked but OH WELL. in her canon au her race isn't a very translatable thing so she's just generally of Mongolian descent for "modern au"
  3. she was also straight once :iconimsotiredplz: BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DID THAT CHANGE. Honestly she was bisexual just because I found it reallhy cute to imagine her with a girl adn didn't have any wlw ocs anyways at the time, but... I genuinely can't imagine her with a dude anymore lmfaoooo 
  4. Iris' household gradually degraded throughout her childhood as their $$$ ran out and always had this... exhausted, emptied feel to it. she started growing plants to try an d give it a bit more life. i'm fairly certain she has more species of plants than she does have friends but alright
  5. she's a very chill bean. so chill, in fact, she provides an appropriate time for me to make a pun right here except i can't think of one. In all seriousness though Iris is a cool lady, she's a good listener and is super patient (10/10 makes a great gf is very loving and dedicated and looks at her like she's the goddamn sun)
  6. but she's not very easy to get to know - she's a little reserved and cautious in her actions, doesn't step out her comfort zone often
  7. she plays the harp! it's a really pretty instrument + spider web weaving stuff and having dexterity in general for lantana <3
  8. if I could sum up her aesthetic it's basically long legged blonde plant lesbian

I'm gonna throw some tags out there so ummm

ginqers :iconsryyea: maybe with Nattie? 
xPawhaha  time for round two featuring Ryan :iconheeheplz:
sieglindes you've no doubt done this countless times but. surprise me? c':
midnightdragon23 hmu with snek child perhaps?

SlothTamer121 give me some of that Bun
Azlissian and that doggo
Twitwoo how about our loaded deer buddy too?

five people is good enough i'm tired and just leaving it as it is

watch me birth this meme into lantana and let it circulate like it did with deapp
find a goddamn plant pot


I wanted to really play with composition and colour schemes to set a scene 
it was going to have a soft aesthetic to it with just flat colours but it felt too artificial so I painted it to give it the organic feel it needed
I should've gotten rid of those lines but
ah whatever

it's taken me a total of like what, ten hours? I'm so done

character (iris) is mine
she sticks plants and such into found objects from a junkyard 
which ranges from bathtubs to teapots to tires



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